The Wereth 11 Project

Students from Morehouse College and East Belgium studied a group of people that overcame discrimination in their country during the early 20th century without engaging in violent extremism. The participants in this project included three youth groups, one from America and two from Belgium. The American student delegation was from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia. The Belgian delegation was represented by two groups, a group of youth from East Belgium and a group from Mollenbeek, a community in Brussels, Belgium.

The American participants focused on the Wereth 11, an African American unit murdered by the Nazis. The youth from Wereth focused on the Langer family’s survival in the midst of Nazi aggression and their attempt to save the Wereth 11. The Mollenbeek youth focused on the Moroccan soldiers who fought at the Battle of Gembloux for the French during World War II. Participants used what they learned to develop tributes that were presented at the Wereth 11 ceremony in Brussels and Wereth, Belgium in May, 2017