Our Cycle

The Youth Council operates through a 7-part cycle that begins with the establishment of a vision and mission. Executive officers will collaborate with embassy officials and the Nation Builders team to determine a way forward that is aligned with the U.S. State Department's Integrated Strategic Plan.

​The strategic plan outlines specific initiatives that have defined outputs that can be measured to determine effectiveness and efficiency. Those outputs lead to outcomes, which are measurable changes in people and communities affected by the programs. The outcomes create a benefit for all who are impacted, which creates value for the Youth Council and the U.S. Embassy in the form of social capital, goodwill, and peace in the communities we serve.

Our Structure

The Youth Council is separated into three levels, which include strategic, operational, and tactical.

​At the strategic level, executive officers create a vision for what they want the organization to be in the future and the impact they want it to have in the social, educational, economic, and civic elements of Mexico. They also develop the mission, which is a description of what the organization accomplishes on a daily basis for communities and for the country. The officers apply the vision and the mission to the development of a strategic plan and a definition of key initiatives the council will implement. 

At the operational level, department directors manage the capital and human resources needed to ensure that the mission of the organization can be accomplished and the vision can be realized. They also engage in monitoring and evaluation to ensure that the council continues to stay aligned with the strategic plan.

​At the tactical level, specialists will volunteer or be hired to conduct the programs that will actually bring change to the communities of Mexico.