The refugee crisis in Europe is one of the most challenging social phenomena in recent years. It has not only sparked a major humanitarian crisis. It has also sparked considerable debate among those who see people suffering the agony and displacement of war and those who fear that their countries' resources will be depleted by people flooding their boarders. We are aware of the concerns of both groups caught in this debate and we are aware of the economic and social ramifications of each course of action. However, we do not see this issue being discussed in a way that will facilitate peaceful resolution. We only see the divide between people widening.

To close this gap and bring people whom we believe can discuss this in a way that creates compromise and even collaboration, we are creating a conference that focuses on the European refugee crisis.  We have invited a diverse group of youth  from the KSO Glorieux School, based in Ronse, Belgium to engage students from our school to explore this issue and seek a solution through dialogue and debate. 

We are working with Elisabeth Meuleman from the Flemish Groen Party to bring members of her vast network, who have experience with this issue from a multitude of political positions and philosophical viewpoints. These experts will provide insight in very specific areas of the crisis. They will help us to understand the problem and its impact on local and regional communities, as well as the global community. We will use what we learn in this process as inspiration and information for a debate, discussion, and solutions. 

Conference on the european refugee crisis