Letters for Bridges

A major challenge facing Belgians is the lack of engagement we have with one another as a result of the gaps that can be caused by technology and the fast pace of our world. This lack of engagement can lead to a disconnect on the most basic levels. This disconnect is usually not felt until something happens in our society that removes us from our comfort zones. In these altered states a lack of connection becomes fear of the unknown, distrust, anger, and then hate.

With Letters For Bridges we want to create connections between Belgians from all over the country. Program participants will write letters to each other about their life, hopes and dreams. We want people in our country to connect now, so that these connections may one day serve as lifelines in the midst of tragedy.  

We are seven youngsters who are very motivated to help the Belgian community, but therefore, we need your help! We have noticed that because of recent events, isolation has become a haven for the people of Belgium. However,  we can only face problems as a nation when we are united. Unity is what makes us strong. This is why we started an intercultural project in collaboration with the US Embassy in Brussels to unite Belgians from all over the country.

The participants will write a, whether or not, anonymous letter about their experiences (religion and culture), hopes, fears etc. The FUN part is that EVERY participant will receive a letter from someone else and will be able to read about the hopes and fears of this unknown person. This way, we make a connection between people and learn about different parts our country.