Shamica West
Director of Operations

Shamica West is an exceptional leader who manages the diverse programs of the Mason West Group with uncommon effectiveness and efficiency. She helped design the framework for all of the company's programs and project management approaches.Mrs. West graduated from Oakwood College with a degree in Social Work. She also earned a Masters Degree in Public Policy from the University of Huntsville in Alabama. She served as the founding Dean of Students at the Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy in Tennessee and serves as an advocate for girls entering STEM fields.

​Mason West III
Executive Director
Mason West III has been an innovative leader in community-based programs for fifteen years. He has developed and managed programs for companies, schools, and governments at every level in the United States, England, and Bermuda. He specializes in prevention, intervention, and restoration strategies That restore lives and communities impacted by cyclical poverty, drugs, gangs, and violent extremism. Mr. West earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology at Oakwood College. He later earned his masters degree in Urban and Regional Planning and Community Development from Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University.  Currently, he is pursuing his Doctoral Degree in Educational Leadership at the University of Tennessee.

Wendy Jamerson
Partnerships Director

Wendy is a valued volunteer for our organization. She is talented leader, project manager, and change agent who has made her mark in banking as a senior Vice President for Bank of America. She is a graduate of Harvard University who loves to serve her community and contribute her expertise to making programs operate in the most effective and efficient way possible. 

Leadership Team

Rhonda Maddox
Community Service Director

Rhonda is a service leader who organizes and participates in expeditionary and mission trips to other countries to help others through initiatives that build homes, schools, and other structures. Her love for others and her expertise has helped to change the quality of life of people locally and abroad. 

Bianca Frails
Marketing Director

Bianca Frails helped develop the structure of the Nation Builders Conference, an annual social and business entrepreneurship event produced by the Mason West Group and partnering company Sleep is 4 Suckers. Ms. Frails specializes in logistics, marketing, and program management. Ms. Frails earned her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Georgia State University and her Masters Degree in Business Administration from St John's University in New York.

Transforming lives, transforming  communities