The Community Lab
Participants are given the opportunity to apply what they have learned from the curriculum to the solving of actual problems they identify in their local community. They are also given the opportunity to work with their counterparts in Nation Builder programs in another country to develop solutions to problems at the global level.

The Curriculum

The Nation Builders Emerging Leaders Program curriculum guides participants through the development of analytical skills, which help them to discover the components in the social, educational, economic, and civic elements of a community that contribute to its synergy. Through this analysis, participants learn to define problems, identify stakeholders, and develop alternative solutions to the problems. ‚Äč

As participants matriculate through the curriculum and apply what they learn in their communities, they are giving en the opportunity to work with mentors from the private, public, and nonprofit arenas. The mentors give participants insight into the nuances of the professional world and serve as guides and sounding boards as the participants engage in problem solving in their respective communities.

The Consultant Program
The highest achievement for our participants is to be able to to teach others to do what they have done. Program participants, who have mastered the curriculum and engaged their communities, teach new members the curriculum and guide them through the community lab process. They can also serve as consultants for our clients in the local and global community. 

Our Process