Nation builders global Leadership program  Focus

The Nation Builders Global Leadership Program empowers emerging leaders to influence their peers, their government, and their economy as agents of positive and prolific change in the local through global communities. We facilitate program participants as they identify their talents, determine what marketable skills they can develop from those talents, and then applying those skills to the transformation of lives and communities.

We bring young emerging leaders of different backgrounds and experiences together from different parts of the world to identify common problems in different areas of the world. We challenge them to share their diverse views of the world and use the knowledge they gain to develop solutions for the problems they have identified. The Nation Builders framework can be academically-based or community-based. It is designed to facilitate harmony between people of different genders, nationalities, political ideologies, religions, or other types of social backgrounds.

The program  can be applied at the local through global levels. We have developed programs for those who come from different sides of the same neighborhood and for those who come from different countries in the global community. We create emerging leaders programs for youth and engage those who hold leadership positions in the global community. We work with people from the private, public, and nonprofit sectors to combine whatever talents and tools they bring to the table to make our world a better place.