Program Overview

‚ÄčThe Emerging Leaders Program will train Egyptian high school students to influence their, peers, government, and economy through challenging and comprehensive one-year program. This year, we will conduct our program in three cities, Alexandria, Cairo, and Luxor. We will choose 50 students from each city to participate. The selected students will participate in a three-day training program and online classes to prepare them to create a program or technology that helps Egypt fulfill its 2030 Vision. Once the training is completed, participants will be given four months to work in teams of five to develop a prototype of their idea. All of the teams will participate in pitch and presentation competition with Egyptian and American government officials in attendance with representatives from the business, academic, and charity communities. The winning team will be invited to the United States to participate in more advanced training and engage in cultural and academic exchange with American students. We invite all who are interested to apply. 

Eligible Applicants

Eligible applicants must be Egyptian citizens who are in the 9th through 12th grades and enrolled in a secondary school in Alexandria, Cairo, or Luxor. 

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Parental Consent Form

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